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  • Welcome to the Oberdornerhof!

    The newly renovated Oberdornerhof is located in an idyllic and quiet location at the entrance of the Valley of Prags, known as the hiking paradise of the Region. Nestled in the territory of the nature park „Fanes-Senes-Prags“ and surrounded by the unique mountain scenery of the Dolomites. This typical rural-traditional village in this unique location is the ideal place to find peace and relaxation during your vacation.

    Our apartment house is situated at 1,180 m above sea level and is adjacent to the headquarters of „Alpe Pragas“. The name of the local factory is the first documented in Prags dated back in the year 900 AD. „Alpe Pragas“ is a manufactory specialized in the refinement and processing of fruits in finest culinary delights. The apartments are surrounded by these wonderful fruit fields, where strawberries, raspberries, elderberries, gooseberries and currants are grown. In this alpine climate, the fruit ripening period is particularly long resulting in rich flavored fruits.

    Haus Gruber

    At „Alpe Pragas“ the freshly harvested berries are then processed with loving detail into delicious fruit jams, chutneys, fruit syrups and smoothies with 70% fruit content. The results are rich flavored products of high quality - which as our apartment guests, you then get to enjoy during breakfast of course! In the adjacent Alpe Pragas shop you will find the entire product range, so that you may bring some delicious taste back home with you at the end of your vacation if you wish!

    The Prags Valley however also holds other treasures. No matter what time of the year you visit us, the wide range of excursions, walking paths, hiking trails and alpine routes available are in fact virtually unlimited and always unique. The diverse mountain meadows, plateaus and valleys are rich in species and flowerage as far as the eye can see. A unique feature is, for example, „Prato Piazza,“ a high plateau surrounded by a miraculous mountain landscape that will enchant you and make you forget everything else.

    Furthermore the village has one of the most beautiful lakes in the country, „Lake of Prags“. Walking or biking around the lake, taking a boat ride, going fishing or ice skating in winter - all of this activities make the lake an unforgettable beautiful and fun spot. Spend some unforgettable days with us in the middle of the World Natural Heritage of the Dolomites!

    We look forward to welcoming you!

    Yours sincerely,

    The Gruber Family 


  • Fruits enjoyment

    Delicious Fruits from the Pustertal

    Enjoy your holidays with the gourmet fruit products of the Alpe Pragas.


  • The nature of Prags

    Enjoy your holiday in Alta Pusteria

    The lake of Prags is located in the southern area of the Alta Pusteria between Toblach and Bruneck.


  • Apartments Oberdornerhof

    Your holidays at the Oberdornerhof

    Book your holidays in one of your apartments either "Sunset" or "Sunrise".